Spotlight Dancers

Spotlight Dancers in Concert

The Spotlight Dancers are a mysterious, famous dance Italian dance group that donates every cent they get from being famous to old restaurant chef and owner Giovanni to distribute to the poor. For their origin story see the story “Felicity’s Italian Romance” under Felicity the Loose Cannon tab.

Leader Rebecca (a.k.a. Logan)

Sparkly Gold

Rebecca is the leader of the Spotlight Dancers along with her best friend Wen. With her gold sparkly dress she shines the brightest in the spotlight. She is the only one with a sleeveless dress and fuller, longer skirt. The different dress style is a symbol of her leader status. She decides which gigs they take or don’t take as well as booking movie deals and inspecting new merchandise pumping out of factories. Her most important job as leader is to make sure all the money they earn from being famous goes directly to the world famous Italian chef Geovanni. That duty mostly includes a lot of banking and other financial nightmares that go over the heads of her fellow dancers. Rebecca wears a red ribbon around her waist 1) to keep the dress on and 2) to match her friend Wen’s red dress.

Her signature feature is that she wears these red boots. None of the Spotlight Dancers except Rebecca wear shoes at all. This makes her unique and a bit suspicious as one sleazy paparazzi once reported because the Playroom’s own Logan is known to wear those same red boots wherever she goes no matter what disguise she is currently donning. Rebecca fiercely refuted the claim that she is a playroom gal by insisting that Logan Buckingham of Play Road is merely a close friend who happens to loan her boots to the popular dancing star for advertisement purposes only. If that’s the case then Rebecca is in the only creature in the universe allowed to touch Logan’s boots. If their Pretend Friend Ville fans ever thought of connecting this amazing dance group with the wack-os of Play Road they were quickly convinced otherwise by Rebecca’s clever efforts to control the press. She’s made it her life mission to protect the image and reputation of the Spotlight Dancers and that includes steering the public clear of any connection made between them and the wack-os of Play Road. All PFV celebrities know that a connection to the wack-os of Play Road is a death sentence to their career.

As a dancer, Rebecca is the most flexible. Her splits are the best in the group and she can bend in ways many people can only dream of. The carefully crafted public story goes that before Rebecca was a Spotlight Dancer she was a circus acrobat in a small unknown unheard of Italian circus deep in the Alps. Don’t bother searching for them as they are more of a secret cult than a popular circus. Anyone who does search for the circus that Rebecca used to be part of before her Spotlight Dancer days is never heard from again. When on breaks from the circus, Rebecca liked to hang out at Geovanni’s restaurant in Rome. Somehow all the dancers in the group ended up at Geovanni’s restaurant, that’s how they all became friends. They are all from very different walks of life, but they bonded over eating at Geovanni’s. When they heard Geovanni was in trouble and that he was bankrupt and about to lose everything, this group of purely modern and Italian friends decided to help. They needed money and they needed it fast so they did what they do best. They danced their hearts out and overnight became a hit sensation first sweeping across the U.S.A. and then later Europe.

Many fans and critics alike wonder why these Italians became famous first in America, where they supposedly didn’t have citizenship or land or a house or a stage or access to internet, and not Italy. No one in Italy except Geovanni had ever heard of them before yet their fame was widely spread across the U.S. (their number one hit song they danced to was “Party in the U.S.A.” although they later tried to cover it up by changing the lyrics to “Party in Italy”) Many have wondered if these so called pure Italians are really Americans. Rebecca put an end to such rumors when she publically declared how corrupt the Italian government really was at the time. “It’s not possible for anyone to become famous in Italy right now,” Rebecca ranted from every stage she danced across. “The government is too evil. Evil I say! They are taxing poor men like Geovanni to death; they are trampling the common man into the dust. No one has money to spend on extra things like celebrities. Why would you go to a concert when you’re struggling to survive? We are here to help all the poor people in Italy! Not a cent of what we make will be spent on useless stuff most famous people waste it on! Our money goes to support the poor on the street like Geovanni! This is for you Geovanni! This is for you Italy!” Rebecca’s passionate speeches not only skyrocketed their fame and made clear their purpose for performing; they also helped defeat the corrupt Italian government by rallying the public against selfish Politians.

Co-leader Wen (a.k.a. Gwen)

Sparkly Red

Wen co-leads the famous Spotlight Dancers with her best friend Rebecca the girl in the gold dress. Wen always wears a pair of black tights that have a rip in them. “My older sister won’t let me wear the good tights,” commented Wen in an interview one time. “She says I’ll just shred them anyway so I might as well start out with the ripped ones. We can’t afford to buy new tights every time I wear a new pair. Fame doesn’t matter to her. The fact that I’m on stage in front of millions of people doesn’t change the fact that I deserve the bad tights because I am reckless.” She’s the only one who wears black tights or ripped ones for that matter.

All Spotlight Dancers dress modestly appropriately. “If the church grandmas don’t approve then we’ve got a big problem,” Wen once told reporters. “Their opinions about fashion matter very deeply to us. Some of us are kind of old fashioned anyway. We don’t care about being hip or in style. We care about dancing and helping the poor.” As a result the Spotlight Dancers single handily changed the culture of pop stars and famous celebrities. Now all PFV stars are competing to achieve the level of fame and success the Spotlight Dancers have. If that means changing a few things like skimpy outfits to wholesome ones then so be it. Anything to win Spotlight Dancer fans. Spotlight Dancers have more money than any famous people combined, but they don’t keep a cent of it. All of it is freely given away. Sometimes they are mocked for it, but most of the time they are praised. No other PFV celebrity has ever done that to the same extent as the Spotlight Dancers.

Wen and Rebecca are so skinny that they need ribbons in order to keep their dresses on their bodies. So they decided to make it a uniform thing and the whole group would wear ribbons around their waists regardless of whether they need it or not in a show of friendly support. Each ribbon matches the color of someone’s outfit. It’s another symbol of their friendship and their common passion for the poor people in Italy. Wen’s ribbon is gold to match her best friend Rebecca’s dress.

For years Wen wore her hair in two braids. No one had ever seen her without braids. But since the Spotlight Dancers are well known for their crazy long hair flips, Wen was beginning to feel left out. In an unforgettable concert in Geovanni’s restaurant when things were becoming incredibly emotional as Geovanni handed out toys to poor kids who had never seen toys before, Wen let down her hair and joined her fellow dancers with the hair flips. She threw her hair things out into the audience (they were caught by people who promptly sold them on eBay for millions of dollars) and shouted, “I have hair! I actually have hair! Ten years in braids but now I’m free! I have hair!” Ever since Wen has worn her hair down in every public appearance just like the rest of her fellow Spotlight Dancers. All of the plush Wen dolls they sell say Wen’s catch phase about having hair.

Wen is also their stunt dummy. If they literally need to throw someone through the roof it is Wen they toss up. The story goes that it happened by accident at the first Spotlight Dancer concert and ever since they just roll with it on purpose. Wen jumps the highest and she’s a bobble head. There’s some loose joint in her neck, but that doesn’t stop her from giving the world the greatest hair flip she can do. One of the reasons the public adores the Spotlight Dancers so much is because of their daring and crazy stunts. Most dance groups don’t do the things Spotlight Dancers do and so it amazes and dazzles the audience. The way their sparkle dresses catch the light and highlight their insane moves especially mesmerizes the adoring public. Wen is also the goofy comic relief in the group. She assists Rebecca in every way possible. They as a team decide which gigs to take and which ones to ignore.

Wen has written the screenplays for all their movies. The Spotlight Dancers did six four hour movies about their lives as celebrities. Number seven had been in the works, but it was never finished. The first half was released to the public, but the cliff hanger is so unbearable it was quickly taken off air. The reason it was never finished was because the Spotlight Dancers couldn’t agree on an ending and refused to act in it if they didn’t get their way. Mostly they just couldn’t bear the thought of this is the end so they decided not to end it yet. Some people believe the movies are true biographies that should be taken as fact. Others say the movies are more fiction than fact and that the Spotlight Dancers just made it all up. The Spotlight Dancers themselves have never commented publicly about their movies. “We like to keep the pubic guessing,” Wen often tells reporters. “If we made a statement then everyone would stop watching us. They like the mystery. It’s best for business to let them dream and come to their own conclusions about our real lives. And besides, what we do when we’re not working is none of their business. We would lose all rights to privacy and personal lives that way.” Mystery indeed. Everyone wants to know who these people are, where they came from, and what drove them to do what they are doing. The movies tactfully evade answering those questions, the questions fans crave. When they are not in concert, the Spotlight Dancers simply cannot be found. It’s like they cease to exist outside of their public appearances. No big mansions, bodyguards, secret locations in remote places. At first people were searching and waiting to catch them somewhere sometime, but it never happened. Now they’re mostly left alone. What jerk wants to be caught destroying the magic they work so hard to create? A magical mystery that so enthralls the public? If they don’t want to be found then they’re not going to be found.

Lissie (a.k.a. Felicity)

Sparkly green

Lissie is the crazy, loose canon in the bunch. She has the thickest, most tangled hair and she uses it for to her advantage. She’s the one who started the hair flip craze as one of their signature dance moves. Her dancing at its best can be described as ferocious and violent. Nothing about her big personality ceases to shine brightly before all her adoring fans. She is fond of crowd surfacing and several people in the audience have been hurt because of her leaping off the stage tricks. Lissie is also the most vocal in the group, the loudest singer, the loudest protester, and the loudest advocate for Giovanni. She is the most dramatic and demands attention. She’s the sweetheart darling of the group, one of the most beloved. Sometimes she steps in as another co-leader with Rebecca and Wen. She doesn’t like to do “sitting down kinds of things” and so her autograph is quite rare just because she hates to sit down and write. She wears a sparkly green dress to match her dazzling green eyes. The ribbon around her waist matches another dancer in the group, namely Seth the only boy.

            Seth is most well known as Lissie’s boyfriend. Their romance is a favorite followed by all their adoring fans. This celebrity couple displayed their great love for each other in the form of dance with every concert that they did. Their special song is called “See You Again” because of their long distance relationship. She’s from Sicily and he’s from up north far into the Alps, but some fans wonder if their long distance relationship stretches farther than the boot of Italy like maybe to the United States. Even so, Spotlight Dancer fans love a good romance and they got it in Seth and Lissie’s relationship. Many of the Spotlight Dancer movies focused on the drama of their love. Fans were assured that the love Lissie and Seth had was real, it wasn’t conjured up for the show. Lissie and Seth were boyfriend and girlfriend way before they became Spotlight Dancers. The story goes that though they come from opposite ends of Italy, their parents took them to Rome once a year to enjoy good food in Giovanni’s restaurant. They met as children in Giovanni’s family kitchen. As the years went by, they stayed in touch and in the process fell deeply in love.

            Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Five years into the Spotlight Dancer’s famous career, Lissie cruelly dumped Seth during their concert. She danced and sang to a painful break up song directing it to her beloved Seth. She even sang about her new boyfriend and brought him out on stage for the grand finale. Not an eye in the room was dry as every fan, the ones present and the millions watching on TV, sobbed with Seth. Seth’s whole life revolved around his Lissie, he is nothing without her, yet she didn’t spare him. Seth clearly didn’t know this was coming, was clearly hit out of the blue making it clear to fans that this wasn’t a staged break up. Heartbroken fans moaned that this came out of nowhere and began to wonder if any of the celebrity romance they enjoyed following was real. Some say the pressure of being famous was too much for the couple to handle, others say it was the miles apart, and others point obviously to the new boyfriend Lissie wheeled out on stage. Either way, the dream for fans was dead and done.

Fans were so upset by this that Lissie and Seth got back together for a few years, at least in the public eye. In an attempt to gather more fame, the Spotlight Dancers cooked up a scheme in which Lissie and Seth got back together. They pulled this off for about a year, but then this plan was blown out of the water when Seth was caught kissing Miley, a different Spotlight Dancer, backstage before the concert. Fans felt betrayed, but a special talk show host chat calmed the waters. More drama heated up when it was admitted that Seth was now dating a different Spotlight Dancer, one of a quieter nature.

Despite all the fights and deeply distressing emotions, at the end of the day all the Spotlight Dancers remain good friends who will continue doing what they do best putting on good shows with their dancing and helping the poor with their celebrity cash.

Eliza/Lizzy (a.k.a. Elizabeth)

sparkly purple

“Lizzy Lost a Leg!” headlines screamed after Eliza’s performance in Chatham, Massachusetts. Eliza, or Lizzy as she has more recently become, is by far the best dancer in the whole group despite having some leg and joint issues. Lizzy’s leg is hanging on by a thread. It’s amazing she can dance at all with the way it’s pulling out of its socket. No one knows for sure exactly how Lizzy’s leg got damaged or exactly what happened. The details are vague, and the Spotlight Dancers like to keep it that way. Every new interview or news story tells a different story about Lizzy’s legendary leg.

One of the Spotlight Dancer movies focuses on how Lizzy lost her leg. In that harrowing tale, Lizzy was surfing on the National Seashore on Cape Cod in Massachusetts when her leg was completely taken off by a great white shark. Her friends on shore, Jennifer and Miley, called paramedics and the coast guard who had Lizzy airlifted to a hospital in Boston. The biggest trauma was the scene were Lizzy wakes up and realizes she doesn’t have a leg anymore and is shaken to the core when she’s forced to consider the fact that she may never dance again. Rebecca and Wen hunt down a mad scientist who creates a bizarre medical technology that allows Lizzy to grow a new leg like a starfish would. The movie shows the struggles Lizzy faces with growing a new leg and how the group was on the brink of breaking up over this traumatizing incident. Even though she has a new leg, Lizzy is still faced with the devastating news that she may never dance again. Through hard work in her recovery and a miracle that comes out of nowhere, Lizzy goes on to dance again and become the best dancer in the whole world. The Spotlight Dancers don’t break up as some scenes lead us to believe, but rather they come together stronger and more bonded than ever before.

Lizzy’s novel Dancer’s Greatest Fears: How I, Lizzy, Lost a Leg tells a slightly different story. In this tale, she was swimming in the Mediterranean Sea near her home in Italy when she was viciously attacked by a scalloped hammerhead shark because nearby fisherman were dumping fish guts into the water. This happens before she even becomes a Spotlight Dancer. In the hospital, she meets her best friend Lissie who is volunteering with her boyfriend Seth. They become fast friends over their love of dancing and Lissie helps Lizzy through rehab and learning how to function again. Together they help found the Spotlight Dancers in order to help poor kids who can’t afford expensive hospital treatment live their dreams.

Countless talk show interviews and newspaper articles reveal even more differing stories about how Lizzy ended up with a leg injury that haunts her to this day. One news article says she was surfing in California with Wen and Rebecca when she was attacked by a shark. Another says that she was on a whale watch and fell overboard. Another says she was scuba diving in the Caribbean, another says she was promoting Giovanni’s seafood brand,  another says and still another says she fell out of plane and landed in the middle of the ocean where she was stranded or several weeks until she was finally able to swim 1,000 miles to shore. Even interviews with Lizzy herself tell a different story. In every retelling of Lizzy’s leg, there is one common thread. It’s always a shark that caused her leg problems and her injury always bonds the Spotlight Dancers closer together.

Lizzy is known for being best friends with Lissie. Wherever Lissie is, Lizzy is sure to follow. Lizzy is the snarky sarcastic one who is known to fans for her diva attitude. She has a sparkly purple dress and a blue ribbon to match Jennifer and Miley. When Lissie is busy with her boyfriend Seth, Lizzy hangs out with Jennifer and Miley. As the best dancer, her style is the perfect blend of graceful, classical merged with rock and roll.

Jennifer (a.k.a. Molly)

sparkly ice blue

Jennifer is a quiet one in the group. She tends to dance more in the background than out in the main spotlight. Even so that doesn’t make her any less popular. She still has her share of crazy devoted fans. She wears a fancy purple ribbon with two flowers on it to match her friend Lizzy. Jennifer is known to be a good friend with Miley. That’s why they both wear differing shades of blue. The color represents their friendship or so some reporters claim. The other claim is that they just happened to have two blue outfits and were too cheap to get a different color.

The official story goes that Jennifer and Miley were college roommates in Rome when they stumbled across Geovanni’s restaurant and met up with the rest of the gang. They were recruited to be background dancers, but quickly rose within the ranks to be the essential core of this group. Jennifer is the choreographer in the group. She was in school studying to be a dance teacher when she joined up with the Spotlight Dancers and suddenly got famous instead. She is the practical voice of reason in the group who doesn’t hesitate to point out a problem that needs to be fixed and she always has a solution ready. She’s in charge of CD and DVD sales.

Her hair has this wavy perm. For years as a young child, Jennifer always longed for a perm instead of her straight brown sticks for hair. When she finally got her wish, her hair became a frizzy mess and she regrets ever having wanted a perm in the first place. Jennifer’s advice to young fans is to be happy with the hair God gave you because trying to mess with it will only backfire horribly. She has spoken at several events as an inspirational speaker and gives advice to their young girl fans in her book series Limelight to Spotlight: A Girl’s Guide to Keeping Her Head through it all.