Meet the Cast

This is our ever growing doll family:

The Rylands

Miss Samantha Parkington married her childhood sweetheart Mr. Edward Ryland. Now they are living happily ever after with their twins Rosemary and Theodore and another baby on the way.

Nellie O’Malley Wilmington

Charles Frederick George Wilmington the third

Nellie’s husband, photo coming soon.

Felicity Merriman

Felicity is the crazy one.

Elizabeth Cole

Felicity’s best friend.

Molly McIntire

Emily Bennett

The Pirates

When Marie-Grace Gardner was kidnapped by French pirates, she fell madly in love with the Captain. Now they’re married and living happily ever after on his ship rescuing sad orphans with a crew of singing mimes. They went back in time and adopted baby Phillip, an orphan Marie-Grace once took care of at an orphanage in New Orleans.

Cecile Rey

Kirsten Larson

The pioneer with excellent outdoorsman skills and a love for whittling.

Caroline Abbott

Fierce feminist fighter with dreams of becoming Captain of her own ship.

Isabella Rodriguez

Has a bad case of Amnesia and doesn’t remember that she is a fine Spanish Lady from 1590 who emigrated to Puerto Rico.

Kit Kittredge

News reporter with an eye for a good scoop.

Ruth Ann Smithens

Goofy Ruthie who just wants to live happily ever after with Prince Charming.

Addy Walker

Uses her time traveling skills to help others.

Gwendolyn Lindashire

Gwen is the long lost elf princess who freed her people who were once enslaved to Santa Claus. Her best friend is Logan.

Logan Buckingham

The picture of the sweet innocent face of this girl does not match the character of Logan at all. Logan is a leprechaun, mad scientist, and black market extraordinaire with an interest in weapons, but she has a soft spot for her nephew Theo.

Meredith Blake/Martha Keabl

Don’t be deceived, she’s EVIL!

Evil villain who is constantly trying to kill everyone.

Kelsey Reburta

Kelsey used to be Martha’s evil sidekick, but now she’s seen the light and is redeemed as a devout church goer.

Big Dolly Chinchon

Her alter ego is fortune teller Madame Dolly who can see the future.

Parker Squansofin

Parker the man of the house.

Bitty Baby Fatterson

Loud mouth diva celebrity who likes to write and perform musicals with her best friend Bitty.

Bitty Baby Quansa

Musical protégée.