Happy Trails

Felicity’s Westward Journey

Summer of 2019 Felicity Merriman went on a road trip out west in the real world with her adopted mom Jessica
Salisbury Beach, at home in Massachusetts
Pretending to be Laura Ingalls (or Kirsten Larson) in Walnut Grove, Minnesota
Hiking 15 miles at the rim of the Grand Canyon
Big ole hole in the ground
Felicity=Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Crater Lake National Park
Dying of a heatstroke in Arches National Park. 100 degrees in the shade!
short hike
Yosemite is lovely this time of year. Except for all the crazy bears. . . . .
I’m ready for Half Dome!
Not as impressive as the lakes in Maine
A puddle, really
Our campground
Air’s a little thin up here, breathing is hard!
Beach in Northern California. See any cute surfer dudes?
Down in Bryce Canyon
Hiking in Crater Lake National Park
Ahhh, look at that view!
It’s a long way down
so many waterfalls!
Picking up some hitchhikers at Crater Lake
Zion. Next year in Jerusalem! Oh, wait, this is Mormon country
A true lady never rides astride a sign. . . .oops!
Seriously dying of a heatstroke. How do people survive out here?
Not much shade with pitiful trees like this one
My friend the French pirate has a ship, but his isn’t haunted 😦
I’m suddenly feeling inspired!
In the cleft of the rock. . . . .
Rushing rapids
Patriarchs in the background
So hot I’m gonna melt!
I prefer sunset over the ocean, thanks you very much
Felicity, how many times have I told you not to ride astride a fence post?!
De Smet South Dakota, Laura Ingalls Homestead
I’m so glad I don’t live on the prairie!
13 miles is a lot of hiking. How big is this hole anyway?
Not quite Half Dome, but almost?
Literally every angle of this canyon looks exactly the same.
Don’t wander too far
I survived! Exhausting, but hey we made it.
Home sweet home! Back in MA where I belong. I’ve seen a lot of places but the East Coast beats them all.

South Carolina Sisters

Felicity and Emily go to South Carolina for spring break

Let the vast journey begin. . . . .
Sailing without their pirate friends and it’s a disaster!
(rental place had this great decorative boat, where can I get one just like it?)
Cozy drawer mates
Felicity couldn’t sleep so she decided to ride whales at midnight
Chilling on the balcony
Felicity’s kingdom
(Emily was too cautious and shy to venture out to the beach)
Only 1000 miles away from home
Mini Samantha came along just to make sure that Felicity is behaving
Loving this boat!
Someone stole my seat
First time seeing a real live alligator in the wild! Or at least a place that isn’t the zoo.

Digging away
Sunrise over the ocean is the best!
Emily the homebody isn’t having quite as much fun as fearless Felicity. . .
A special seat in a special castle on a special day
Home sweet home. Emily had a horrible time and is never traveling alone with Felicity ever again.