About the Author

Hi my name is Jessica and I like dolls.

Mime #52

                   Mime # 52 took the vow of silence when he was a wee lad of age ten after a bet he had with his friends. Needless to say, Mime #52 won. At first he missed his voice and so did his family. In fact they were so frustrated with his lack of speech they kicked him out. This made Mime #52 very sad and he joined the millions of other depressed Mimes wondering the streets of Paris.

          Mime #52 lived this way for many years until the Captain of the French Pirates came looking to the mimes for a crew. The Captain whipped his mimes into sailors. Mime #52 didn’t mind the hard work because at long last someone had given him a place to belong.

          Mime #52 loves being a pirate. But he loves his Captain even more. Despite his new found joy however, Mime #52 still missed his voice. He never even considered writing as a solution until his master took a prisoner. He couldn’t let this story go untold. It was then that Mime #52 realized writing is another voice only it’s one without sound.

          Now Mime #52 loves writing as much as he loves pirating. Today Mime #52 can be found following his master around (much to the Captain’s annoyance) with pen and paper at the ready in case something interesting should ever occur. Mime #52 will continue to pester his commander and record his story for as long as it needs telling (unless the Captain throws him overboard first).

Detective #52

Sherlock Holmes????

Detective #52 is a very private person and for the sake of his detecting career is hesitant to release any information of his whereabouts. But he can tell you this: he is a detective who found himself on the sidelines of two young detective’s personal case. He did a little sleuthing and realized this was one top secret mission not meant to be kept secret. Detective #52 realized writing is bit like detecting in that one must search for all the right pieces in order to put the story together. While Detective #52 may enjoy writing in his spare time, he will never stop searching the shadows for criminals in his noble pursuit of justice.

Bellhop #52

He’s ready for vacation!

Bellhop # 52 has been working in the Great American Tourist destination of Greater Rome for fifty two years. He was just about to retire when one of his fellow bellhops was randomly attacked in the back stairwell by a certain guest. Bellhop # 52 decided to delay retiring and stick around a little while longer in order to get the whole story, a story of not just romance and jokes, but a story of the events that have rocked his beloved home country Italy to the very core. Bellhop # 52 is now finally getting to live out his retired dreams but has discovered a new passion to keep him busy, writing. He has found writing to be a lot like bell hopping in it’s a creative way to serve others by using his time, talent, and skills. Bellhop # 52 lives in Rome and can often be found dining in Giovanni’s restaurant. He can’t wait to get started on writing about Felicity’s next adventure in Italy.