Back row: Isabella, Ruthie, Kit, Molly, Emily, Felicity, Elizabeth, Addy, Kirsten, Kelsey. Middle row: Martha, Bitty Q., Bitty F., Big Dolly, Gwen, Logan, Samantha, Eddie, Nellie, Caroline. Front row: Parker, Matthew, Cecile, Marie-Grace, Philip, Pirate, Theo, Rose

Let the Vast Voyage Begin

Welcome to Pretend Friend Ville.

Enter into a world of magic and fantastic adventures where impossible dreams come true every day. Welcome to a world where you could be a nobody one minute and famous the next, or discover you’re a long lost princess to a magical kingdom, sail across the seven seas with pirates, become a jungle explorer or travel through time on the Time Travel Train, fly to moon and battle with aliens or simply enjoy saving the world from evil villains with your family. Welcome, my dear reader, to Pretend Friend Ville, a place where all children find themselves at least once in their childhood even if they never realize it. It’s a whole world of invisible people just waiting for the next adventure to find them in their beautiful, magical lives. It’s a place where anything can happen just as long as you have enough imagination.

First and foremost, you must know that everyone in Pretend Friend Ville or rather PFV, has magic. They use magic for everything from small stuff like household chores, transportation like flying instead of walking, and magic refills on beverages so they never run out, to the big things like starting wars, taking over the world and then salvaging it before the next batty lunatic tries to destroy it again. Everyone in PFV also has a magical creature they turn into or just are. Some examples are: dragons, fairies, mermaids, elves, werewolves, etc. Life in PFV would cease to exist if it weren’t for magic. Pretend Friend Ville is a place where crazy is the new normal and the random laws of magic replace the laws of science and math. It’s a world of stories, each one a little bit loonier than the last.

Despite how unusual this world is, there are still outcasts. There are still extraordinary people who will never live down the reputation of wackos. They are the Playroom, a unique family where sixteen children are adopted from different historical periods in American history.  They time traveled to the future to be adopted through an agency called American Girl and found homes with millions of little girls all over the world.

The Playroom people were adopted by Jessica and Jackie, two real world girls who stumbled upon this magical world when Jessica was a lonely child at three years old and Jackie still a baby. Over the years, Jessica and Jackie had their share of adventures in PFV as they made a home in the Playroom with the girls they adopted from the famous Time Traveling Company American Girl.

These particular American Girl Dolls time traveled to the future (early 2000s) to a magical world in Groveland, Massachusetts with invisible people and magic called Pretend Friend Ville to be adopted by me and my sister. Together they’ve become a family of time travelers in a world of magic struggling to find who they are in the early 2000s. They have a whole room in our house, a whole room full of AG doll stuff, The Playroom. They are a hilarious bunch who dabble in serious moments like saving the world and adolescent who am I crises.They all struggled with leaving their families back in time, struggle with new inventions like electricity and washing machines, struggled to find a role in this new family in the future, but they all found home here with each other and went on lots of funny, awesome adventures. The story doesn’t end the AG books, their goes far beyond that, far into the future. When you buy these dolls, you take them home and play with them. This is what happens when these dolls arrive in a girl’s home. 

The Playroom family is grouped into three categories: the Big Girls, Glogan, and the Babies. Exactly one half of the Playroom people were adopted by Jessica and the other half by Jackie. Since Jessica and Jackie are sisters, everyone from one side of the Playroom family has a best friend on the other side. To give you some idea of who’s who and what’s what there is a list of the Playroom people under Meet the Cast and a little description about each one. Not everything about each person can be summarized here and you will learn more about each person as the stories go on.  Together in these stories we will see the Playroom face evil villains, dangerous missions, deathly diseases, shipwrecks, romances, homesickness, and who knows what else as they struggle to remain a real family through it all.

The goal of this blog is to share with you, dear reader, my love of American Girl Dolls. To share with you my stories about them and maybe even inspire you to be daring enough to create your own. There are no right or wrong answers in the world of imagination. Every American Girl Doll is special and they mean something uniquely different to each girl or woman who owns them. To every American Girl fan, these dolls are way more than mere inanimate objects. They are friends we go on epic adventures and share secrets with. They are pieces of ourselves as we learn, grow, and change right along with them. And that process never stops no matter how old we get. I may be crazy, but I hope there are other American Girl Doll fans who can be crazy right along with me and my bunch.

If you’re a kid, I hope you never lose your interest in your dolls. And if you’re an adult, there is no shame in holding onto your love of dolls. It’s psychologically proven that play time is essential to us as human beings. I hope this can be a safe place for doll lovers of all ages to enjoy some good old fashioned play time.